SALES & SERVICE (204) 783-3599

SALES & SERVICE (204) 783-3599

Gas Monitoring Systems Design

Valley Technologies sells a large spectrum of gas detection equipment for a variety of applications, both commercial and industrial. We assess each application individually to determine the best product match for you. Our company is committed to quality products that last. We also maintain the longevity of our products with regular calibrations by factory-trained technicians, ensuring the lifespan of the equipment is preserved for as long as possible.

Service – Consultation & System Design

Whether you are in need of parkade gas detection specifications, arena upgrades, or consultation on the most appropriate make and model of equipment, Valley Technologies is here to make your job easier and steer you clear of unforeseen problems and costs.

Our senior staff who have had years of experience with Valley Technologies, can provide consultation during the building design process and prior to tender, purchasing, installing or upgrading, and recommend the best products for your application.

They will also ensure that the placement of the equipment is appropriate and that the installation procedure goes smoothly.